Roofing Desaturation Analysis

Roofing Desaturation Analysis

Haag’s Research & Testing offers the first-of-its-kind accredited desaturation testing protocol for desaturation of roofing-- "Haag Research & Testing Roofing Sample Desaturation Test Procedure", IAS Accredited.

Desaturation is the process of extracting the reinforcements from bitumen containing roofing which allows the reinforcement to be fully examined. Carefully examining the reinforcement of asphalt, coal tar, and modified bitumen roofing to determine if a fracture (damage) is present can be critical to insurance companies, property owners, or attorneys, given the uncertainty, disputes and/or litigation that may be involved.

Bituminous roofing (such as built-up roofing, polymer-modified roofing, and shingles) samples are examined and documented, then desaturated in a vapor degreaser. We examine extracted reinforcements for fractures or strained regions characteristic of an impact. Then, we compare conditions in reinforcements with overlays of original samples. Our licensed engineer completes a report with descriptions, findings and photographs.

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Check out our desaturation testing in action: