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Haag Research & Testing

Haag Research & Testing is an IAS Accredited Testing Lab. See our complete list of testing standards, or learn more about our testing services below.

Haag is the leading authority for research, development, and materials testing in the roofing industry. Since we established our laboratory in 1966, we have published numerous benchmark studies and disseminated other research data vital to professionals in the manufacturing, construction, insurance, and legal fields.

Clients commission Haag to conduct turnkey studies to and develop data for their in-house projects, even long-term studies using data compiled over a period of years. Our engineers and technicians combine their extensive education and field and laboratory experience to develop tests that duplicate real-world operating environments or incident conditions.

Our specialized testing includes:

Ice Ball Tests

Haag’s IBL-7 impacts roofing and other materials with simulated hailstones.

Roofing Desaturation Analysis

Haag desaturates roofing samples and then examines extracted reinforcements microscopically, if needed, to find fractures or strained regions caused by an impact.

Wind simulator tests

Haag's Wind Simulator, capable of generating wind speeds of up to 170 mph, tests the response and resistance of products and materials to wind forces.

R-Value Insulation Testing

Haag’s heat flow meter can measure R-values (or resistance to conductive heat flow) of insulation.

Single-ply Roofing ANALYSIS

Haag analyzes single-ply roofing samples (PVC, TPO, EPDM, and others) with a microscope and using high intensity light to find fractures.  

Steel Ball Tests

Haag's AccuDrop impacts materials with steel balls in accordance with UL 2218.

Large & Small Missile Testing 

Using our IBL-8 and IBL-9, Haag launches small missiles (steel balls) and large missiles (2x4s, ice balls) into building materials to simulate airborne debris impacts. We impact exterior doors, windows, skylights, masonry, siding, etc., to test resistance to airborne debris during high wind events.

Water Column leak tesTing

Water column leak testing helps us determine the response and resistance of materials to water intrusion.

Our testing procedures also include Vacuum Uplift Testing, Steel Billet and Rock Impact Tests, Cabinet Qualification Tests, Material Flammability Tests, and many others.

In addition, Haag's well-established working relationships with other testing firms enable us to perform specialized physical, chemical, and metallurgical tests. 


    Our dedicated Research & Testing staff works with our expert Haag Engineers as necessary, per project.Steven R. Smith, P.E, Principal Engineer, Director of Testing

    • Steven R. Smith, P.E, Principal Engineer, Director of Research and Testing
    • Allen Swan, Senior Lab Technician
    • Cory Hurtubise, HRT Intern
    • Jazmin Taylor, Research & Testing Coordinator

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