Environmental Testing

 Environmental Testing

Real Conditions, Authoritative Results

Haag provides a wide variety of equipment and structures designed to duplicate and test in-use conditions. Unlike typical materials testing laboratories, our lab often incorporates special test methods and procedures to replicate operational situations. Our engineers then analyze test data to evaluate causes of failure or potential problems. Much of our test equipment is portable, permitting accurate tests in the field.

  • QUV Testing. Haag can simulate the effects of temperature, moisture, and UV exposure on various building elements.

  • Moisture Detection Testing. Used primarily in roof assembly studies, tests employ portable equipment to determine the presence and extent of moisture.

  • High-Pressure Hydrostatic Testing. Pressures up to 10,000 psi test the integrity of pressure vessels, valves and hose assemblies.

  • High-Current Electrical Testing. Specialized equipment is used to test circuit breaker functions and to load-test electrical cables at ratings of up to 1000 amperes.

  • Mechanical Testing. Haag is equipped with portable laboratory equipment for metal hardness field testing.

  • Fire and Explosion Testing. Haag specialists use flammable gas detectors, carbon monoxide monitors, and pipe leak test equipment for fire and explosion analyses.